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Change of Season

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

After what has been a brutally hot summer, it seems that we are beginning to switch gears and head into fall here in NYC. I have to admit even though I absolutely love summer and will be craving it by December, I’m so excited for fall. I can’t wait to walk around without having my shirt stick to my back. To be outdoors and be able to breathe and to actually run outside. Other things that I’m looking forward to? My birthday, Thanksgiving and fall foods. Something about the fall is just warm and fuzzy.

Last night was are first real taste of the changing season. Temperatures dropped to the low 70s and it was cool enough to wear a jacket. Even though I was exhausted all day long, when I finally left my office I felt energized by the cool air. I didn’t need any motivation to work out. I just wanted to. I took Core Fusion and followed it up by some serious interval training on the Hudson. It was the most refreshing workout I’ve had in months. I ran 5 miles in 43 minutes and could have gone all night.

Instead I had to break for dinner plans. Last night Jeff and I were invited to dinner with our old roommates and a new friend from Australia, and they were treating so we couldn’t turn them down. We decided to check out Hundred Acres for dinner and it was fabulous. Hundred Acres is a contemporary restaurant with a rustic design in SoHo. The menu consists of old favorites, using natural, seasonal ingredients

As with most restaurants, are meal began with a bread basket. Its funny how you can judge a restaurant on its bread. When the bread is bad, I always assume the meal will be to. I mean how hard is it to get bread right? Lucky for us, this bread was perfection. Hearty, crisp crust with a soft, warm center.

For my main, I actually ordered two apps. I prefer to do this because then I can get one healthy bite and one indulgent bite, plus it ends up being more affordable than one entree.

I started with this beautiful spinach salad. It was super basic, just spinach, herbs and feta with a red wine vinaigrette.

For my second course, I had the clams. They came in white wine and parsley and were perfectly steamed. Yum.

These were so good – Chubs couldn’t keep his grubby hands off. But that was alright by  me. I love to share.

After dinner we took a short walk and enjoyed the crisp night air. Seriously I love this season. I hope it doesn’t turn back to soon.

What’s your favorite season? What things remind you of fall?