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Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

Mr. Chubby Hubby got a new Vespa yesterday. He is using any excuse he can think of to take it out for a cruise. Need a ride to work? He’ll get up an hour early. No lunch plans? He’ll be by to pick me up. Seriously, I’m loving this new deal. While I love to walk to and from work, I like sleeping an extra half hour so much more. And lunch out instead of my boring packed salad – who can argue with that?

Just to prove my point, today he actually called me at 11:00 a.m. asking me to go to lunch. Jeff never, ever, ever eats an early lunch. The earliest he eats is probably 2 p.m. So you can imagine my surprise when he called at 11 to plan lunch at noon. And my shock when he was waiting on the corner for me.

Doesn’t he look cute? This pic reminds me of Easter with the mint green Vespa and the bright purple shirt. I’m glad my man is comfortable with his feminine side.

After cruising around TriBeCa a bit we stopped at the cutest cafe, Moomah. We were all set to eat until we realized that the place was packed Buy Cialis with kiddies. Moomah’s patrons are mostly mothers and young children and while I’m okay with the family set, I wasn’t in the mood to listen to crying children today. So we hit the road and tried out another place I’ve had my eye on, Estancia. Estancia is a little Argentinian cafe in TriBeCa.

The menu had tons of delicious, healthy options, including hearty salads. For my main I went with the Verano Salad which included chicken, bacon, avocado, sweet corn, Gorgonzola, tomatoes and chickpeas over greens.

This salad had quite a few indulgent toppings, but rather than stuff myself I ate just until I was satisfied and ended up with about 1/3 leftover. Since I don’t like bacon I left that to the Chubster. I also saved on the calories and by skipping the bread basked.

Jeffie had the special sandwich which was chicken sausage with sauteed escarole and roasted red pepper on Ciabatta. Unfortunately he inhaled it so it had no chance for a photo shoot. But there’s always next time. I know we’ll be coming back.

How do you keep from over-indulging when you eat out? Also, would you all like to see some of Mr. Chubby’s eats with future reviews?