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Mexicana Mama

Friday, May 7th, 2010

Mmmm! I love Mexican. Seriously, it could be my favorite cuisine. Although I would probably say that about Italian, Vietnamese, Japanese and Indian food too. It’s actually really hard to pick a favorite!

I made a pit stop home for lunch today. I love getting out in the sunshine. Working close to home is a god-send!

I’ve been reading so many blogs following Cinqo de Mayo that I found myself craving some refried beans today. Taco salad it was!

I started with a spinach/iceberg base. On top came cucumbers, guacamole and carrots. Followed by a generous portion of refried beans. I topped that with some of my Mango salsa and a sprinkle of cheese. Instead of tortilla chips, I crushed up some Mary’s Gone Crackers.

A lot of people assume Mexican food can’t be healthy, but I think this salad proves them wrong. Mexican isn’t the greasy fried fast food we get. Authentic Mexican is all about fresh ingredients, tomatoes, citrus and herbs. Everything else is in moderation – like my salad, just a sprinkle of cheese was more than enough to satisfy a craving.

How do you manage your cravings? Do you go full out or do you try to compromise?