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When I grow up

Thursday, August 19th, 2010

Okay so when I was little I didn’t want to be a star or famous. The acting genes went to my older sister. From the time I was in first grade until I was in eighth I ran around telling people that I wanted to be an accountant. Yes your heard right an accountant. To be honest, I never really understood what at an accountant did, but my dad was an accountant and I wanted to be just like him.

Fast forward to now and I’m the furthest thing from my childhood dream. I currently work in PR specifically in healthcare. While I enjoy my job, I kind of just fell into it. At Penn State, if you want to graduate on time, its really hard to switch between majors and you need to know you want to do business early on. I of course didn’t have a clue and when it came time to declare my major, I went with what seemed like a fun job. To me PR meant events, writing and working with celebrities. While part of my job includes those activities, its not as fun as I had imagined.

Now that I’m getting a little bit older and know myself better, I’ve been rethinking my career. I know I will be happy if I stay in PR, but I think I might feel more fulfilled in other careers. For instance, I’ve always been interested in nutrition and there are so many different types of careers you can have as an RD. Another job I frequently go  back to is teaching. I worked as a nanny for 6 years and loved every minute of it, not to mention I have an insane love for school. I would do anything to go back now. Either to teach or to learn. I don’t know what the future holds for me now, but I definitely think its time for me to start exploring.

And now, what you’ve all been waiting for my recent eats (eye-rolling acknowledged). This week has been insanely busy so what you see here is going to be some of the most boring lunches and breakfasts I’ve had in a while. But I’ll forsake creativity if it gives me just a little more time. And while I’m on the topic, even quick recipes when starting from scratch take more time than you might think. This week I needed foods that required no thought at all.

So some breakfasts:


And dinners:

There you have it.

So I’m wondering, how satisfied are you with your current career? Have you considered a career change and if so what field/industry are you interested in?