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Committing to a Workout Routine

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

If you have been following me for a while, you probably know that I love Core Fusion. You may remember the time that I said I was going to try to do Core Fusion 4-5 times a week. I hope you don’t. I haven’t even come close to maintaining that schedule, as of now I do Core Fusion about 3 times a week. What makes me sad is that there is no (good) reason for my limited attendance. It’s pure laziness. Not even boredom. What can I say? I’m a commitment-phobe.

But Sunday put an end to that. Why? I found a workout buddy.

My buddy and me!

When it comes to classes and scheduled appointments, I’m 100% more likely to go if someone else is counting on me. So I was ecstatic when my friend Beth decided to give Core Fusion a go. I knew she would love it, but I wasn’t sure she would make it a part of her routine. Since her first class, we’ve gone two more times and have plans to go tonight.

While having Beth accompany me is definitely a big motivator, just getting to the studio regularly also helps me over the lazy hump.  Another way I plan to motivate myself is to actually track my progress. One commitment I’ve been able to stick to recently is my brown bag lunches, and that’s because I’m keeping track of the financial progress. While I’m not posting the daily lunches (pretty much because they are humdrum) I’ve still managed to pack 95% of the time.

I don’t know if I’m going to go as far as to call this little project a challenge, but I do plan on taking my measurements and tracking the changes over the next 6 weeks. I’ll be updating my strength challenge page with my progress, workouts and pictures for anyone who is interested. Mostly though, I’m updating for me.

I know I’m not alone in my lack of commitment, but I’ve always found a way to eventually stick to a routine. Here are some of my secrets:

  • Get a workout buddy. I never want to disappoint a friend who is counting on. Plus having a buddy helps motivate me because I know we’re in it together.
  • Make a realistic gym schedule. Despite years of trying, I can’t workout in the morning. As much as I would like to, its not realistic. Instead I go to the gym immediately after work. I can easily get an hour or even two in  and still have dinner ready by 8. This works for me, but that doesn’t mean it will for everyone. Create a workout plan that works for your lifestyle.
  • Find a gym that is close to home or work. My gym-gym is only about 7 minutes walking from my apartment. Its also around the corner from my grocery store and 15 minutes walking from Exhale. Since I don’t have to go out of my way I can never use that as an excuse. I also use the walk to the gym as a warm-up.
  • Try something new! This is the hardest advice for me to give and take. I don’t try new things often but when I do I am usually hooked. By adding in just one new type of workout or a variation on a favorite you can beat boredom.
  • Reward yourself. Positive reinforcement works! When I follow my routine consistently I like to treat myself. Last week I ran 32 miles, the most I’ve done in a while. Even though i didn’t hit my strength plans, I rewarded myself with my first pair of lululemon pants! This little treat did two things – it encouraged me to keep up the hard work and it motivated stick to the plan. Rewards don’t have to be pricey, try to change them up each week. It might be a pair of workout pants, an extra hour of sleep or a trip to the movies, whatever you choose to do though make sure its because you really worked for it.

Are you a commitment phobe like me? How do you deal with it? Any tips for getting over a lazy hump?