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Philly Bound

Friday, May 21st, 2010

Today has been a long one! I didn’t have lunch until 2:30 which is pretty late, but fortunately my breakfast did a great job of keeping me satisfied. Probably because its got equal portions of protein and fiber.

Anyway, I’m heading out in just a few hours for Philly! I’m going to get to see my family and also run my first race ever.  I’ll be running in the “Best Dam Run for Autism”  along with a bunch of my siblings.  This race means a lot to mean not because its my first real race, but also because the proceeds go to the AJ Foundation, which provides funding to my nephew’s school, The Comprehensive Learning Center.

As I’ve mentioned before, my nephew John was diagnosed with Autism a year ago and my sister has been very fortunate to find a place that fosters his development. CLC gives John individualized care designed just for him.

This photo was taken at a recent check-up, isn’t he the cutest? I love his little doo rag. He is such a sweet boy.


I ran home today to have lunch with Jeff since I won’t get to see him before I head home. I threw together a quick, but delicious salad topped with a Morningstar Farms Veggie Burger.

I had a great mix of veggies today, some spinach, cucumber, celery, yellow pepper and carrots. I also tossed in some goat cheese and the previously mentioned veggie burger.

Only one hour to go until the weekend begins! Have a great one and wish me luck during my first race tomorrow! :)