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The Counter

Today, I actually had an opportunity for a nice, leisurely lunch, a rarity with my new job.  Jeff was in the area so he decided to join me. It’s gorgeous here in LA so we decided to eat at The Counter, a build your own burger joint.

Since its walking distance from work, we’ve been known to get take out from here quite frequently. In fact, just  a week ago I placed an order for delivery but was disappointed to get the wrong meal. They gave me a turkey burger when I ordered a veggie. Fortunately I’m not a vegetarian so I didn’t have to wait for a new order, but it was still a big disappointment. Luckily they have an amazing customer service policy and offered me a free meal card.

My comp card included a free started, and since Jeff and I are really focusing on being healthy, we opted for a side of grilled veggies. I know you’re thinking boring, but let me tell you these veggies were perfect. I was shocked at how good they were reviews for intivar. The corn added the perfect sweetness to balance out the more savory zucchini and carrots. And look how pretty:

The Counter claims to have over 312,120+ different burger combinations to choose from, and looking at this clipboard I believe it.

However, it took no time at all to figure out what I would be having: a veggie burger in a bowl, with goat cheese, cucumbers, tomatoes, sprouts and grilled onions. This combination gets me every time, fresh and rich at the same time.

They have a tendency to go over board with the dressing so to be safe I always order on the side.

All in all it was a delicious lunch, but not something I’d do regularly. I like to keep my mid-day meal a little more on the simple side. I don’t want to be that girl with the stinky breath. :)

That’s all I have for now. As I mentioned yesterday, I’m going to continue to post about my LA eats, but expect much more variety moving forward.

Hope you’re all having a wonderful day!

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2 Responses to “The Counter”

  1. julie Says:

    tooo many choiceeees!!! i would go NUTS with all of the choices haha and could never make a decision. looks tasty though :)

  2. MelissaNibbles Says:

    The salad looks great. Their menu does as well. I’d probably go there everyday if I could!

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