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Cook clean, stretch scrub

Today was one of the best days I’ve had in a while. As I mentioned earlier, I started the day with Core Fusion Yoga at Exhale Spa. Seriously, I don’t think there’s a better way to start your day. The stretching warms your muscles, but the class is tough enough that you really feel like you worked out. Plus our instructor today, Kayleigh, is amazing.

I met Jeff for lunch because he had a surprise! On the walk over my phone mysteriously stopped working and I started to realize what it was he got me – the new iPhone. Now I know some people have been questioning the value of the iPhone 4, but it is awesome and worth every penny. The pics are 100% better, its soooooo much faster, and you can have multiple apps running at once. I love love love it.

We were going to eat out, but I had a doctor’s appointment so I arranged a quick salad at my apartment. It was pretty light and crisp (unless I’m in air conditioner I really can’t eat big meals), with arugula, pear, gorgonzola and a lemon and olive oil dressing.

And here’s a close up of lunch as photographed from the new iPhone:

How good is that pic?

After work, I got in a 6 mile run (totally tracking for my weekly goal), I also made dinner (check two), made muffins (thanks for the recipe, How Sweet It Is!, I got my bridesmaids dress for my besties wedding, and I cleaned. Of all those items, the thing that makes me most happy is cleaning. There is nothing like cleaning to feel fresh and new. Especially when it involves scrubbing.

I know few people scrub anymore with all of these new tools (Swifter), but I can’t give it up. One of my main chores growing up was cleaning the bathroom. To my mom that meant scrubbing from top to bottom, we would start at the sink, move to the toilet and end on the floor. She was very precise, my mom. We also alternated bathrooms weekly so that no sister had the “big bathroom” consecutively.

Since we have a cleaning woman and there are 5 roommates, I rarely actually clean my apartment. Scrubbing the kitchen floor, counters, island plus the bathroom was fantastic. Bizarre I know, but I love it. Plus it was like getting in another workout, by the time I was through, I was soaked with sweat. You really work your arms when you scrub, and if you hold your belly in you can get an abs workout as well.

I continued on my domestication kick with some cooking. For dinner, Jeff and I made Flounder, an Asian inspired salad and baked sweet potatoes.

I was craving something sweet but last night Jeff pointed out that my baking often uses a lot of sugar, so I searched the blog world for some inspiration and found a post dedicated to muffins on How Sweet It Is. I ended up mixing things up between her recipes and creating a new hybrid, but you’ll have to check back in the morning for that.

I’m off to bed. Sweet dreams!

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