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Mommy Madness

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

So I’ve been MIA over the last few days. I knew on Friday that this was going to happen, but I kept trying to tell myself that I would blog while I was away. You see, from Friday to Sunday night I was with my sister, her husband and their beautiful newborn baby. My sis only came home from the hospital a few weeks ago and she’s working to get things under control. Let me tell you, being a mother is one of the hardest jobs I’ve ever witnessed, especially when you’re a first timer with an infant.

First of all, pediatricians currently recommend that you feed your child every 3 hours. That’s 3 hours from the start time. Meaning if you fed your baby at 9 am, the next feeding is at noon, regardless of when he finished. And baby’s take ages to eat. Jill’s little guy could take up to an hour to finish a measly 70 miligrams. Its insane! Then on top of that you are doing all of the dishes in between, changing diapers frequently, baths, backed up laundry. The list goes on and on and on. So needless to stay I was giving Jill and Kevin a much needed rest, but I came home exhausted. I cannot even begin to imagine what it must be like to attempt to keep the schedule up over the course of three weeks.

It definitely made me rethink the whole baby thing. I always wanted to be a fairly young mother (though at 26 without a ring on my finger this seems totally unlikely), but now I’m thinking I want to be an older mother. Maybe 32? I need some selfish time, time to do what I want to do, see what I want to see, eat good meals (because believe me eating good food is the last thing you have time for) and make a career for myself.

Anyway, here’s a sampling of my eats from the weekend. Notice how my meals are just random things from around the house and the occasional dinner in. Also, I forgot to take a lot of photos, so this is just an overview.


I finally got to enjoy lunch at home. And it was an old favorite – flax roll ups. I stuffed this with some hummus, non-fat refried beans (organic too), and lots of veggies. A small salad on the side of course.

Friday dinner was not photographed because I was rushing to the train and simply forgot. You’ll notice a theme of that this weekend.


I started off the morning with some real NYC bagels that I brought to share. I had a pumpernickel with light cream cheese and strawberry jam.

Lunch was a roasted veggie and chicken wrap, and a side salad with shrimp.

Baby;s last meal was at 2 so we ate our lunch really late. By dinner time I wasn’t hungry. I ended up having a bowl of Kashi GoLean oatmeal with chia seeds, PB and Jam. I also threw in some chopped apple.

For as much as I love Kashi GoLean cereal, the oatmeal sucked. I was really disappointed in the texture and the flavor. Hence the additional jam to the mix. I think I’m spoiled by real oats.


Breakfast was egg white puff with chia seeds on whole wheat toast with strawberry jam and the fruit I could pull together.

I forgot to take my lunch on Sunday and I don’t even remember what I ate! Oh well. I made up for it at dinner.

I got home latish (8 PM) so I didn’t feel like cooking. Luckly, Jeff was in the mood to eat out (he always is so this isn’t really luck). He wanted to check out a new art installment around the city – refurbished pianos were installed in public spaces throughout the five boroughs and we knew of one near a great restaurant, Keste. By the time we got to the piano, it was closed for the evening, but dinner was hopping.

We started with the Toscana salad, arugula, tomatoes, artichokes in a lemon dressing.

Jeff and I wanted to each try our own pizza, so he went with the Keste which included prosciutto, arugula, mozzerella and sauce. I had the Ortolana with tomatoes, mushrooms, artichokes and fresh mozzerella.

The crust was amazing, almost like Roti, so light and fluffy. Even Jeff loved it and he has incredibly high standards. It may not be your standard NYC pizza, but it is the most delicious pizza I’ve ever had.

I only had two slices of my pie because I had more delicious things on mind – fro yo! How delicious does this look?


Back to the grinding stone. Boo. Running late so I had a yogurt parfait, complete with Siggi’s Pomegranate, chia seeds, Kashi GoLean and raspberries.

Lunch was a BYOS (build your own salad) with chicken, feta, cucs, carrots and red peppers, pretty simple but the flavors worked well together.

After a 5 mile run and Core Fusion, Jeff and I decided to stop and buy some new furnishings for our new apartment. The first thing we bought? A 52 inch TV. We got an amazing deal so we celebrated with dinner at Whole Foods.

My salad was awesome, it was the superfoods salad on top of spinach, with some quiona and wheatberries.

This was the first time I’ve ever tried wheatberries and I loved them. So light and nutty. With wheat berries, the wheat kernel is left intact, so none of the nutrients are stripped away. A cup of cooked wheat berries has about 300 calories and is packed with fiber, protein and iron. They are also loaded with vitamin E, and magnesium, which is good for healthy bones and muscles.


And that brings me to today, after a really intense, but refreshing Core Fusion Yoga class I was running late. So here’s a boring photo for you.

Blueberry might now be my favorite Siggi flavor, but I have a few more to try.


I didn’t workout quite as much as I would have liked over the weekend. On Friday I got in a Core Fusion Open class and a four mile run. Saturday and Sunday were both totally off, but yesterday and today I did Core Fusion (sport and yoga) I’m definitely on target to meet my 4 a week goal. Other goals for this week:

Pack lunch for the remaining work week
Eat different breakfasts tomorrow, Thursday and Friday
Run between 25 and 30 miles
Do Core Fusion Cardio and Core Fusion Yoga
Take Bikram twice
Clean and pack for my move
Eat at home the next 3 nights

These goals are pretty lofty. I hope I can succeed!!